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DocuSign Agreement Cloud 

A System of Agreement  

TECBOMO has partnered with Docusign to offer industry-leading eSignature solutions and broadened our capabilities to help companies automate and connect the entire agreement process - from preparing to signing, acting on, and managing agreements. 

  • Prepare: Agreements must be drafted, which can include finding and referencing information from different sources and systems and negotiating terms.

  • Sign: Agreements must be sent, tracked and signed.

  • Act: Completed agreements must be acted upon -- this can include payment collection and downstream processes like fulfillment, shipping, updating other systems and more.

  • Manage: Agreements must be stored so that they can be searched and referenced at a later date.

Contract Lifecycle Management 

While eSignature helps streamline the execution of a contract, the process before and after signature also involves manual processes that can benefit from digital transformation. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) refers to applications used for managing contracts from initiation through ongoing management and eventual renewal or termination. DocuSign CLM allows organizations to streamline the entire contract lifecycle, with seamless document generation, automated contract workflows and a centralized repository so all contracts are stored in the same place. 

Contract Negotiation

DocuSign Negotiate for Salesforce accelerates the generation, negotiation and approval of customized agreements from Salesforce. Negotiate makes it possible to seamlessly insert Salesforce customer, product and pricing data based on business rules. Sales reps can collaborate more efficiently with all parties that need to review and approve contract terms while maintaining version control and centralizing document activity. Negotiate also integrates with eSignature, so you can automate the entire agreement process, increasing sales productivity, reducing business risk and accelerating the sales cycle. 

Electronic Signature

An electronic signature is a symbol or other data in digital format that is attached to an electronic document and applied or adopted by a person with an intent to sign. Most often, e-signatures take the form of an image of a physical signature.

Customers use electronic signatures for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), master service agreements (MSAs), purchase orders, vendor agreements, internal compliance forms, employment offer letters, W-4 and I-9 forms, and more.

Electronic signatures are legal and binding for most businesses and transactions. DocuSign electronic signatures can help organizations comply with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in the United States. They can also help support compliance with the eIDAS act in the UK and European Union.

Document Generation

Manually generating agreements for signature typically involves working across multiple systems and internal departments which is time consuming, slows down deals and introduces the opportunity for error. Copying and pasting data from paper or a separate software platform results in agreements that require additional formatting prior to being considered customer ready. 

DocuSign Gen for Salesforce allows sales teams to automatically generate agreements from Salesforce and sign them in DocuSign eSignature for a seamless end-to-end agreement experience. DocuSign Gen for Salesforce helps set up business rules to automatically include or exclude contract content based on deal size, product selection, country or other Salesforce data, so sales reps don’t have to figure out the right version of the contract to send.

Contract Analytics

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of managing a portfolio of agreements. Limited visibility into agreements means exposure to risk, missing out on hidden opportunities, and the persistent challenge of answering legal and business questions in a timely fashion. Contract analytics powered by AI can dramatically accelerate contract search and review. 

DocuSign Insight provides powerful AI-driven analysis of agreements to help you analyze existing contracts to uncover organizational risks, obligations and opportunities. Insight enables teams to search agreements across the enterprise and leverage automated extraction policies to identify the clauses and terms needed to review. Insight’s customizable “views” provide side-by-side comparisons of key terms across selected agreements to quickly spot inconsistencies and opportunities.

Newly-introduced DocuSign Analyzer allows organizations to quickly negotiate agreements with the power of advanced contract analytics. Analyzer streamlines contract review and negotiation by delivering automated analysis of inbound contracts to help manage risk. With AI-based insights, Analyzer helps teams gain a clear understanding of what they’re being asked to sign — before it’s too late to negotiate a better agreement

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