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Faith-Based Institutions

Advances in technology have a way of changing the world around us. With an institution as old as religion, the means and methods of reaching your audience are bound to change over time. While there’s no real replacement for community worship and togetherness, technology is making it easier for people to study religion and feel connected to their faith.


Bose Solutions

Portability, flexibility, growth potential. This is our commitment to you. Planting a church requires strong vision combined with the ability to adapt at a moment's notice. When it comes to sound systems for church planting, we understand the challenges of moving from portable to permanent and can help you with your transition. Bose audio solutions can adapt with you, so you can expand or repurpose your church audio system as your church grows and ministries expand. 

Bose Faith Based.jpg

Xerox Solutions 

TECBOMO has partnered with Xerox to offer our Faith Institution customers to offer an amazing purchasing service program that will assist in your purchasing power. Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. That’s why many are taking a new look at often overlooked areas: office printing, supplies, maintenance and service. Historically, this has been hard to control, as print expenditures tend to be spread across many different departments and multiple suppliers.

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Panasonic Solutions

Panasonic’s wireless microphones, bodypacks and receivers are pair-registered, making setup extremely easy. The antenna range can be set for the size of room to minimize interference with classrooms adjacent, above or below from each other.

Panasonic’s distributed system architecture separates the antenna from the wireless receiver. Up to eight (8) antennas can be connected to one Panasonic wireless receiver, allowing you to expand system coverage from small classrooms to larger classrooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums.

Panasonic’s digital wireless microphones are engineered to withstand the rugged Higher Ed environment and have been installed in thousands of schools worldwide. 

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