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Desktop Security Lock

Laptop Locks, Security Slots and More


Secure devices and peripherals to desktops with multiple solutions from Kensington. All designed and built to Kensington’s professional-grade standards. Supervisor/admin access solutions are also available.

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Professional Video Conferencing

When different products feel familiar, effortlessly work together, and can be personalized with the click of a button, more work gets done. At Kensington, we aim to make your video conferencing experience simple and cohesive, so your experience is powerful, professional, and personal.

Video Conferencing

Technology Device Security Products

As the inventor of the laptop cable lock and a pioneer of physical device protection, Kensington has never stopped innovating. Our security solutions are tough, easy to use, and compatible with 90% of business devices. Because at Kensington, we believe in pushing our products to the limits, to ensure they not only meet industry standards, but that they exceed our own expectations.

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Biometric Security Devices

Why Biometrics?


Because physical features such as fingerprints and pupils are so difficult to forge, biometrics is a strong security solution, though we see biometrics as part of a comprehensive security solution that might also include a password and/or physical device such as a key, card, or token.


For large organizations, biometrics can be an effective way for IT to manage security protocols for employee access, privileges, and passwords.


Device Docking & Connectivity Products

Find your perfect connection with Kensington docking solutions.

Turn laptops and tablets into desktop workstations, connect multiple monitors, improve productivity, and more with Kensington docking stations, USB hubs, adapters, and cables.

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Ergonomic Desk Accessories

From laptop risers and monitor arms, to standing desk solutions, Kensington makes it easy to be healthy and comfortable whether working at the office or working from home. Our patented SmartFit® system makes setup and adjustment of our ergonomic products quick and simple.

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Charging Station Cabinets & Cables

Kensington charge and sync cabinets provide a secure solution for tablets, Chromebooks, and  2-in-1 hybrids, with optional locking mechanisms and cable management. Choose between charge, sync, and secure for Android and iOS devices; or charge and secure for Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac devices.


Kensington Solutions

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