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Contract Lifecyle Management has different levels of responsibility and accountability that come with this role. Administrating contracts is rapidly-growing. Contracts continue to be extremely relevant and important to organizations across a variety of industries. Good contract management & contract administration should not be based on assumptions.

Today, procurement has a much greater role than the traditional mission of just obtaining high-quality goods and services for the lowest possible cost, or best value, and awarding contracts and passing them on to the end users to manage. Instead it has become a strategic, proactive function within the enterprise with the potential of contributing as much as, or more than, other government functions to the efficient and effective operation of state and local government.

TECBOMO brings over 20 years of Government Contracting and Procurement experience. We add strategic value and are successful because we typically involve ourselves through every phase of the contract whether sales or purchase of products, goods, supplies, services, solutions and materials.

Contract Management & Contract Administration

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