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Federal Government

We know government agencies are not just upgrading or replacing outdated software and hardware. They're looking for integrated solutions to transform operations and drive missions. This requires a more collaborative approach between agencies and solution providers. TECBOMO will earn the trust of our customers throughout the federal government to develop, deliver and deploy innovative solutions that achieve mission-critical outcomes.

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Fire Service

Technology plays an indispensable role in the emergency response ecosystem — it provides essential information to telecommunicators, field personnel and practitioners, enables effective communications, enhanced decision-making and delivers faster and improved outcomes for the community.

At TECBOMO we bring and independent approach, objective guidance to the technology acquisition, implementation and integration process, helping clients alleviate risk, maximize their fiscal resources and improve everyday operations. Our emphasis is on identifying products, services and solutions that put our fire service client’s needs first and enabling them to focus on their day-to-day priorities, while helping our clients create workflows in and around the technologies they use everyday.

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We support our military forces by providing mission critical products, services and solutions in the office, in the field, and in combat
situations. Their reliance on rugged and semirugged hardware and devices in particular continues to increase. They demand a lot from these devices, from security and reliability to processor performance and vendor reputation and support.


State and Local Governement

State and local agencies are seeking more effective ways to engage employees and stakeholders in delivering more innovative citizen services. They need technology to power the people.

Our mission-aligned strategies focus on finding the right solutions that are cloud-ready, agile and secure to fit within fiscal and compliance constraints while providing the most effective time to value.

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Law Enforcement

As technology continues to advance, law-enforcement agencies must evolve to continue meeting the needs of the communities they serve. From the facilities that house their operations to the technologies and systems they employ to support communications, these agencies have unique and complex needs.

To meet these needs, state and local law enforcement organizations require cost-effective products, services and solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing operations and enable them to protect and serve their communities without interruption.

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Our goal is to help educational institutions identify, assess and select the right technology to develop innovative digital solutions and services that align with their priorities and represent the best fit to meet the needs of the institution while ensuring student and faculty success.

From strengthening academic networks and delivering quality personalized experiences, to expanding access to university resources regardless of location, TECBOMO fully supports your ever-evolving approach to learning, all while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

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