Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional technology products, service and solutions to our customers, vendors and end users.

Our Story

About Us

TECBOMO LLC is a privately held technology services provider based in Waldorf, MD. We help customers bridge the gap between IT and their businesses. We partner with other leading technology companies to be able to provide mission critical technology products, services, and solutions to the end user.

Unwavering in our commitment to excellence, resilience, equality, trust, and advocacy for one another.

We create space for technologies that drive business progress

Our story began with the belief  that everybody should have easy access to the best technology in the world. That was in May 2020, while employed by the fire service industry in the office of the owner. We will be among one of the worlds leading technology companies helping transform end users with extraordinary capabilities.

What we do

Procurement and supply chain management are increasingly becoming a crucial function of an organization's strategy to cut costs and increase efficiency. Organizational procurement departments are responsible for contract and purchasing management, risk mitigation, supplier relationship management, that consist of a variety of challenges to face every day. That is where TECBOMO comes in. We assist our clients via creating and implementing a comprehensive, streamlined procurement plan to address customer and organizational purchasing issues by ensuring supply chain transparency, risk management measures, control & visibility of spending, contract compliance, review, and  modifications. 

Committed to Trust, Resilience, Unparalleled accountability, and Ethics (T-R-U-E)

At TECBOMO, our leaders at every level of the organization are critical to our long-term success, starting at the top with our executive leadership team and permeating throughout the company. Our dedication to our customers drives every idea, product, service, and solutions we provide. Powered by Intellect Driven by Values.

Our Leaders are innovation pioneers committed to driving the technology revolution forward. As individuals and as a global team. 

Experienced Leadership