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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional technology products, service and solutions to our customers, vendors and end users.

Our Story

About Us

TECBOMO LLC is a privately held technology services provider based in Waldorf, MD. We help customers bridge the gap between IT and their businesses. We partner with other leading technology companies to be able to provide mission critical technology products, services, and solutions to the end user.

What We Do



The difference between working with TECBOMO and just doing it yourself is that we do not just purchase technology hardware or software for you. TECBOMO will look at the entire picture of your technology needs and what it will take to get the most out of your organization’s technology dollars you are spending. After all, for most organizations, the needs around technology do not end with the purchase of a new computer or software application. Organizations do not need to buy new solutions: they need one that meets the requirements of their ecosystem. Now and in the future, organizations want to ensure their technology solution is configured appropriately and working as it should always drive value for your business. Organizations want technologies that work and that it can adapt to meet the changing needs of their business. 


Advantages of working with TECBOMO 

Cost-effectiveness: We identify ways to redirect resources when purchasing a solution to achieve more. We assist our customers with cost-saving strategies for their business's procurement processes that involves many components, such as leveraging the use of technology and revising suppliers' contracts. By being cost-efficient, our customers can optimize operational workflows and maximize their profitability.


One Stop Shopping: Purchasing through TECBOMO we are a one stop shop; for technology products, services, and solutions at a more cost-effective price.

Multiple Options. TECBOMO build strong vendor relationships and a complete understanding of how the technology fits together within your business, we are usually able to provide multiple options and work with our customers to select the best solution that will best meet your needs.

A More Complete Solution. TECBOMO ensures that the new hardware or software you are purchasing really is a complete solution to your business problem. Not only do we assist you purchase new technology, but we also ensure it is configured properly to meet your business needs.


Get Complete Solutions – TECBOMO is a solution provider that offer services beyond the initial implementation. Our focus on individual client needs and accordingly customize or configure product to match any unique business processes.


We Empower and Educate our customers about the technology solution(s) they are purchasing. TECBOMO can accomplish this because we are constantly training as part of our partner relationships to ensure that we are experts of the solution(s). We offer demos of these technologies to ensure it is the right fit for your organization’s ecosystem.

We offer a Wide Range of Technology Options, via our partner(s) ecosystem. Our end user can select these partner technological solutions and choose one that best fits your business and customize the solution to serve your organizations goals.

Our Leadership


At TECBOMO, our leaders at every level of the organization are critical to our long-term success, starting at the top with our executive leadership team and permeating throughout the company. Our dedication to our customers drives every idea, product, service, and solutions we provide. 

Our Leaders posses a self-awareness, that garners industry credibility focusing on relationship building for an actionable way forward. We are humbled to have this opportunity afforded to us as we grow. Our outlook is to empower our employees, partners, vendors, and customers, by keeping an authentic approach through inclusiveness, and being constant and consistent in providing value!!!! We are powered by intellect – Driven By Values

Our Leaders Remain Self-Aware. Our Leaders constantly remain aware of their actions, what they say and how they say it – whether verbally or non-verbally and what message they are sending. This is especially important in times of change or extreme stress at work. Employees look to our leadership for formal and informal guidance in how to react or make decisions. Knowing this we look for better ways to respond to all.

Our Leaders Garner Credibility and Trust with our employees, partners, vendors, and customers. We harness a position of “Do what you say you will do” and holding themselves accountable for their words and actions, and putting the needs of our teams, and partner ecosystem before their own. Our Leaders are built on a culture of high trust. 

Our Leaders are Focused on Relationship Building. As we grow, we create a space to grow. Our leaders understand that there are so many moving parts to an organization and not just work itself. We understand that human element that drives an organization forward. We take a holistic approach when building relationships inside and outside of our organization that will form great relationships. 


Our Leaders are Humble. Our Founder started TECBOMO in the basement of his in-laws. We have grown since then and we remain humble. Our leaders are the same in this endeavor. Our Leaders believe that being humble is not just thinking of themselves – but thinking of themselves less and others more. Our Leaders put the needs of others before their own and are strong advocates for the needs of others. 


Our Leaders Promote and Empower Our Teams. Our Leadership believe by empowering others unleashes the ability to act on behalf of their area of expertise and provide them with an opportunity to grow and improve. We give our teams set guidelines to work in and then we leave them alone to do their work.

We are committed to Trust, Resilience, Unparalleled accountability, and Ethics. T-R-U-E

Experienced Leadership

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